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  • Jan 30 2020

    The Comedian Adam Christie!

    Our guest this week is comedian/actor/writer Adam Christie, who stops by to talk about The Circle, sports and getting pierced as a teen.
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  • Jan 17 2020

    Adam Christie And Kind Of Like A Grey

    When Skeleton King is found slain, Chamberguard (Adam Christie) is questioned about the day. He talks about his floor of the castle, the possible 3 suspects it could be, and indulges in the Truck game. Plus, a blob!
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  • May 25 2018

    Adam Christie And A Dude From Kitchener

    Patrick Sharpentier (Adam Christie), sports team/Casino owner, finds best friend and musician Steve Bond dead at the New Dundee Casino. Then, the coolest conceivable man, a Dude from Kitchener, stops in, and reveals a devastating secret.
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