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  • Aidan D’Aoust And Tupac Oct 16 2015
    Brax, famous musician, was found dead with both gunshot and strangle wounds in the studios of Funhouse Records. Executive Barry Funhouse (Aidan D’Aoust) stops by to drink, and vent about the Foo Fighters. In an unprecedented turn of events, Steve stays for the whole podcast while Griffin passes out, and guitarist Tupac Williams drops in to provide little assistance and be yelled at. This episode counts as a movie, if you watch it long enough.
  • Aidan D’Aoust And Uncle Seth May 08 2015
    3 contestants on the game show "Who Wants to Win" were found dead when the show returned from break. Host of the show Rod Douglas (Aidan D'Aoust) joins the hosts of THIS show to try to solve the triple homicide. Then, Rod's Uncle Seth stops by with some more murders, a movie script, and some dynamite. You're gonna be "Rod Douggin' It!" Don't worry, I'm almost positive they don't say this during the episode.