Appeared on

  • Ep. 131 – Alex Kolanko Apr 09 2018
    The Spooky X-raxy Tech and Doctor. Today on Spooked! Colin cuts the break lines, Cody puts it in the oven, Damien spreads a thin layer of sauce, and Alex helps everyone with their phones. It's a small town family affair, so grab your local phone book, get down to the community centre, and get ready to get Spooked!
  • Alex Kolanko And Jonathan Jan 12 2018
    Parade inspector Tristian McElroy (Alex Kolanko) has found a body behind the driver's seat of a float in the Missouri Pumpkins & Christmas parade. What follows is a deeper delve of his parade inspection business, a pitch perfect movie recap, and nothing regretful.
  • Alex Kolanko And Gerald One Aug 05 2016
    When a man is found in a printing press at a "newspaper", the owner drops by to talk about it.
  • Alex Kolanko And Blanche Apr 22 2016
    Todd Vanderdorff (Alex Kolanko) has a problem at his oil company - 53 employees have been found dead in oil drums. And while he admits that 50 were his fault, the boys try to get to the bottom of the other 3 deaths. Company incompetence? Todd just miscounted the bodies he killed? They find the answer sooner than they'd like! Blanche (a man) also comes for a visit. He's fed up with Todd's reign of terror in his village, and so is his wife, Stu. Featuring an appearance by Todd's podcast, Oil Ya Glad to See Me?
  • 086: Batman (1966) – with Alex Kolanko Aug 20 2015
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate the 1966 classic, “Batman”

    Featuring the Alex Kolanko!

    Famous Quote: “It’s a bird, it’s a plane. Eees a mokeyfish!”
  • 021: Fight Club – with Filipe Dimas and Alex Kolanko Apr 23 2014
    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Fight Club”. Featuring 1/3 of improv troupe Fake Cops. Filipe Dimas and Alex Kolenko!

    Famous Quote: “You’re ALL Robert Paulsen!”

    Spoiler Alert! Fight club is a surrealist tale that tells the story of a group of misfit cancer victims who bond over their illness. They build a strong connection with eachother and form a club worshipping a man named Robert Paulsen. The story veers into an existential rabbit hole when it is revealed that no one is who they seem, as the walls between the very fabric of reality and fantasy are shaken. It’s confusing, and makes exactly no sense. But what do you want from us? It’s how we remember it.