Appeared on

  • Ana-Marija Stojic And Prince Frog Jun 22 2018
    On one of her haunted walks, guide Sarah Arcane (Ana-Marija Stojic) discovers a man disintegrated in a clock tower. Ghosts, royalty, and amphibians are all suspected.
  • Ana-Marija Stojic And Clark Lark Mar 25 2016
    Evelyna Rose (Ana Marija Stojic) was ready to find love - until her date winds up dead at the restaurant. Or alive, until Poseidon drowns him. Or survives that, and then is killed by a coroner doing an autopsy. Let her think for a moment. Clark Lark, the coroner himself, stops by to offer a contradicting tale, and Griffin must determine who is telling the truth, and who is crazy.
  • Ana-Marija Stojic Mar 18 2016
    Join host Erin Pim as she welcomes comedienne Ana-Marija Stojic to the podcast. Listen to this honest and endearing episode as Ana and Erin talk about sex politics in the workplace, sleeping with gay men, and masturbating in public washroom stalls.