Appeared on

  • Ep. 140 – Anders Yates Jun 11 2018
    The Spooky Party Animal and Cop Today on Spooked! Colin is a bad lieutenant, Damien needs to get more sour cream for dip, Cody ruins his best Harley Davidson poster, and Anders eats a lot of eggs. It's pledge week so grab your paddles, don't let the dean find out, and get ready to get Spooked!
  • Anders Yates And Justin Trudeau Jul 08 2016
    Ski instructor Chad Chadster (Anders Yates) finds the body of one of his students in a chairlift, and tries to clear his name (as some of his lip particles may or may not be stuck to the body). He's a cool guy (!), but insecurities are hiding underneath, and come to the surface quickly at the arrival of prime minister Justin Trudeau.