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  • Andrea Werhun and Nicole Bazuin May 11 2018
    It's Episode 129, and Bed Post welcomes co-creators of Modern Whore, Andrea Werhun and Nicole Bazuin. This episode is all about sex work, and the gals talk about everything from great sex worker resources in Toronto, to why shitty stereotypes about sex workers are wrong, to the harmfulness of SESTA and FOSTA, to what allies of sex workers can do to support them.
  • Andrea Werhun Oct 20 2017
    Andrea Werhun is back, and The Bed Post Podcast is celebrating 100 episodes! Listen along as these all-star sluts talk about feminism and stripping, sexy dreams, and Andrea's sex work journey towards releasing her memoir Modern Whore.
  • Andrea Werhun Feb 19 2016
    Join host Erin Pim as she welcomes sex work researcher Andrea Werhun. This informative and interesting episode includes topics such as Bill C-36, Modern Whore and the difficulties of monogamy.