Appeared on

  • Ben Beauchemin And Jesse, The Old Slenderman Feb 09 2018
    Elephant Ben, world's wealthiest elephant, has found his assistant Stel dead in the lobby of the BMO building. Hanged, and note stabbed into forehead, a wide range of monsters are suspected. One of whom - an old slenderman, and Stel's former husband - stops by to tell his boring, boring stories.
  • Ben Beauchemin And Popeye Jan 27 2017
    Millie (Ben Beauchemin), known street busker (gum monster), finds the body of Chris Elmer (guy from Canadian Tire money) in his Chinatown hole, and suspicions turn to his group of friends. Could it have something to do with Stinky, the arborist? Weasel, the racoon? Birds, the hitman? Only Popeye, the vintage t-shirt collector, stops in to defend himself.* *Lou, the horrible pervert, is also there.