Templeton is a graduate of the University of Toronto. Some of her stage credits include: May in An Evening in July (The Templeton Philharmonic); Sister Felicity in Suddenly Last Summer (The Tennessee Project); Biederman in Fire Raisers (the redlight district); Various in RAPP BATTLEZ; Lady Templeton in Henri Faberge's Heligoland FolliesIvona in Princess Ivona of Burgundia (the redlight district); Envia in ENVIA! (The New Works Festival); The Strange Girl in I <3 Future (Il Piccolo Teatro di Milano). She also co-produced Politically Correct Bedtime Stories for the 2009 Toronto Fringe Festival (winner of “Patron’s Pick” and “Best of the Fest"). Recently, she co-wrote and starred in the award winning short film Slow Burn (The InsideOut Film Festival). Behind the scenes, she's worked for companies such as Serendipity Point Films, 20th Century Fox Films Canada, and Cineplex Entertainment.                                              

Appeared on

  • 3 – Hook Ups Jul 09 2018
    Lindsay and her guests share their most notable hook up/ one-night stand experiences and have an in depth discussion about hook up culture. Guests include: Ashley Botting, Freddie Rivas, Shanda Bezic, Briana Templeton and Jillian Welsh.
  • The 1 Year Anniversary Spooktacular! Pt. 2 Sep 19 2016
    Are you guys ready for part two of our One Year Spooktacular? You better be! Part Two features; Raul Delgado, Clare McConnell, Tony Nappo, Chris Wilson, Dean Young, Briana Templeton, Gwynne Phillips, Mark Little, and Kevin Vidal! We round out our year with two more crazy spooky stories for you. And hey, we ain't stoppin' there! We'll be back next week with even more Spooked! Just try and stop us! And try and stop yourself from getting Spooked!
  • Ep. 37 The Templeton Philharmonic Jun 13 2016
    The Spooky Sinkhole! On today's Spooked! Colin is the worst wife ever, Cody has mole children, Damien travels through dreams, Gwynne Phillips (Irrelevant Show, Sensitive Skin) has a substance abuse problem, Briana Templeton (Womanish, Motives and Murders) grants wishes in French, and Kjartan grows on you. New logo, new host! Let's get Spooked!