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  • Ep 6: From Biology to Technology w/ Bruno Maruzzo Jul 17 2017
    In this episode, Caleigh and Tanya release an interview from their archives. Bruno Maruzzo sat down with Caleigh at the end of last year to speak about technology in-the-making - a machine learning based digital psychiatric expert system designed to offer clinicians a powerful new tool capable of assisting with the process of diagnosis and personalized treatment planning. From mental health issues like depression and PTSD to what this technology means for the ongoing conversation about mental health and even how men and women are neurologically wired in a different way, we bring you a discussion that bridges biology and technology. Also, Caleigh may or may not refer to the founder of Facebook as Mark Zuckerburger. But, hey, we’re sure her brain’s not the only one that stores his name near a fast food item.