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  • 158: Muppets Take Manhattan – with Caitlin Langelier Sep 15 2017
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Muppets Take Manhattan” featuring the hilarious Caitlin Langelier! Famous Quote: “Yay!!! Crack!”
  • Ep. 100 Spooktacular 2 pt. 1 Sep 04 2017
    The Spooky 100 Today on Spooked! we celebrate our 2 year anniversary, 100 episodes! Packed full of so many great guests we tell three spooky stories guaranteed to get you excited for part 2! So here's to two years of scary stories from the good ole Spooky Goobs. Now, get ready to get Spooked!
  • Ep. 68 Caitlin Langelier Jan 23 2017
    The Spooky Directionless. Today on Spooked! Colin is covered in cheese dust, Kjartan tries to climb in stilts, Cody is Peter Toot, Damien bequeaths a mythical guitar to a stranger, and Caitlin Langelier(Cream of the Cromedy) can’t wait to kill them all. We learn some valuable life lessons on today's episode, so call your mom and tell her you're going to be OK and that she should get ready to get Spooked!