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  • Episode 3: Interview with Comedian Carol Zoccoli Dec 05 2017
    On episode three of the Ego Podcast I am joined by stand up and sketch comedian, writer and actor, Carol Zoccoli. In addition to winning numerous awards in both Canada and Brazil for her comedy and appearing on major television network shows such as Saturday Night Live, Brazil and Canadian comedy festivals such as the Halifax Comedy Festival, Carol is a major advocate for meditation. She sat down with me in the studio and shared how her experience with mindfulness and meditation has changed her life for the better. Carol is by far on of the most interesting people I have ever met and I am very grateful for this interview. For more info about Carol and her shows please visit: www.carolzoccoli.com/ and you can follow Carol on social media @carolzoccoli (@zoccolicarol on Instagram) This episode was recorded at the Laughing Vikings studio in Toronto. Sound editing was completed by Justin Ingraldi and Barry Taylor. Music by Nick Reynoldson.
  • 091: The Sixth Sense – with Carol Zoccoli Sep 25 2015
    he Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “The Sixth Sense”

    Featuring the hilarious Carol Zoccoli!

    Famous Quote: “(We don’t know who is dead at this point)”