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  • Ep. 124 – Chantel Marostica Rides Again Feb 26 2018
    Today on Spooked! Colin learns to love himself, Cody kills all the petunias, Damien scurries through a crack, and Chantel makes some jalapena poppers. It's all about getting the love of our family today, so call your mom and make sure you guys are square and get ready to get Spooked!
  • Ep. 112 – Emily Bilton Dec 04 2017
    The Spooky Kennel Today on Spooked! Colin is a pants wearing dog, Chantel is just trying to make a buck, Cody has so many doggy adventures planned, Damien brought extra pants, and Emily performs an awkward pet operation. This episode is for the dogs, so grab your squeaky toy and a big bag of Kibbles and Bits and get ready to get Spooked!
  • Chantel Marostica And Ol’ Sassy Sanders Nov 10 2017
    Trixie Saloon (Chantel Marostica) not only owns, but also shows up, at Miss Judy's Wonder Emporium. Not just a nightclub, Miss Judy's also serves as a kink mansion, and when Bouncer Barney Skittles is found dead, with his middle turned into an ambrosia salad, every room could be a clue. Ol' Sassy Sanders, frequent patron and furniture store owner, "swings" by, and lists furniture and 1980 movies. This episode is strictly 10+.
  • Chantel Marostica Nov 03 2017
    This week, The Bed Post Podcast is pleased to present comedian Chantel Marostica. Listen along to this enlightening episode as these two cuties talk about living on the trans spectrum, gender conforming work uniforms, and fund raising for Chantel's top surgery. #tellemboobsbye
  • Ep. 61 Chantel Marostica Dec 05 2016
    The Spooky Cockpit. On today's Spooked! Colin must have had the fish, Marc wants the ham option, Damien performs an amazing illusion, Cody is a pretty good cryptologist, and Chantel Marostica's (JFL 42, Canada's next top comic) the real Molly. We're up in the air today and we learn how to work as a team. So grab your barf bags and make sure your seat is in the upright and locked position, cause you're about to get Spooked!