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  • Ep. 105 Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll Oct 16 2017
    The Spooky Empty Today on Spooked! Cody appraises some eggs, Damien should have got a better real estate agent, Chris is a rare bird, and Rodrigo tries to pass off Archie comics as newspaper. Who owns what? We get into the tricky world of property rights. So grab your lawyer, your subscription to HGTV, and get ready to get Spooked!
  • Ep. 100 Spooktacular 2 pt. 1 Sep 04 2017
    The Spooky 100 Today on Spooked! we celebrate our 2 year anniversary, 100 episodes! Packed full of so many great guests we tell three spooky stories guaranteed to get you excited for part 2! So here's to two years of scary stories from the good ole Spooky Goobs. Now, get ready to get Spooked!
  • Ep. 78 Scott Farley Apr 03 2017
    The Spooky Walk-in Closet Today on Spooked! Damien won’t let the lawyers get to him, Colin talks of enticing trolls, Scott divorces his dad, Chris doesn’t even recognize his own son, and Cody has been in a wheelchair since he was born. We butcher some accents today, so suspend your disbelief, pretend they're great and get ready to get Spooked!
  • Ep. 59 Ellen Denny Nov 21 2016
    The Spooky Slum Apartment On today's Spooked! Cody has a little cute knob, Chris weaves us a tale, Damien is frightened easily, Colin has many sons, and Ellen Denny(Beauty and the beast, Anne and Gilbert) locks all the exits. Tonight we learn about the troubles of cohabitation and the importance of electricity, so grab your pals and your favourite power bar because you're about to get Spooked!
  • Ep. 58 Colin Sharpe Nov 14 2016
    The Spooky Monastery. Tonight on Spooked! Chris George is a pining priest, Colin Sharpe(Sunday Night Live) lives in pleasure town, Cody is the piano man, Damien has bad seasonal allergies, and Colin is just regular Colin. We talk about lost love, and if there is one thing we here at Spooked! know, it's love. Er, I mean, getting Spooked! Always, getting those two mixed up...
  • Ep. 45 Chris George Aug 08 2016
    The Spooky Playground. On today's Spooked! Colin is a rhomboid, Chris George(The Moblees, Spun Out) minored in Egyptology, Cody loves coffee, and Kristy is a grown up now. Growing up is hard, but getting Spooked isn't. So what are you waiting for?? Let's get Spooked!