Appeared on

  • The Penthouse Jun 11 2018
    Socialites, Franklin (Chris Leveille) and Sylvia (Leigh Cameron), paid good money to be locked in a tiny apartment and have their passports stolen by unknown men. It's for their marriage, and all the rich are doing it! Can they re-ignite their spark with some well timed pats?
  • Chris Leveille And Timothy the Lobby Boy Oct 15 2017
    A body is found in the underground tank at a gas station. ...and also in the grass tank. There was a note in the glass tank. Baron Kensington Mackenzie (Chris Leveille) explains the tank/saws/lobby/hatch system, the NASA merch, and the quiz show that take place at his facility. Timothy the Lobby Boy stops by from another vacation, and his wife may be in dire circumstances.
  • Ep. 100.5 Spooktacular 2 Part 2 Sep 11 2017
    The Spooky 100(b) Today on Spooked! It's part two of our two year extravaganza. Packed full of some amazing past guest, we get not one but four spooky stories. So tune in for the celebration and get ready for year three, because it's gonna get Spooked!
  • Ep. 91 Jessica Greco Jul 03 2017
    The Spooky Ball Pit On today’s Spooked! Colin abandons his kids in a public place,Damien brings the mustard, Cody is a clown, Chris has never stopped selling, and Jessica learns about witches. It's all about the dip sauces on today's ep, so order a number 3 and some BBQ and get ready to get Spooked!
  • Ep. 76 Chris Leveille Mar 20 2017
    The Spooky Programming On today’s exciting episode of Spooked! Colin doesn’t want anyone to know he has diabetes, Damien doesn’t want anyone to look in the speaker, Dave creeps around people’s offices, Cody just watches people work, and Chris’s Alzheimer’s has been acting up again. The boys are back in town! Is that good or bad? Who cares! It’s gonna get spooky though, so grab a friend and some diet sodas and get ready to get Spooked!
  • Chris Leveille, Frederich, And Cederich Oct 07 2016
    Lady Crane McKinnon (Chris Leveille), an aristocrat turned cabooseman, works in the back caboose of a train, mostly shovelling coal and luggage. What a dream! When the two conductors are found ablaze, it's up to Cabooseman Crane and her two pushcart boys Frederich and Cederich to figure out the culprit.
  • Anniversary Bonus Episode! May 01 2016
    With Laura Del Maschio, Gavin Pounds and Chris Leveille. Frank and Matilda Wormwood (Gavin Pounds and Laura Del Maschio) are Goldilocks and the Three Butts (yup), famed folk singing duo. But when they find someone dead at their concert, they turn to the boys on the 1 year anniversary of their first episode to figure it out. And when Lucille (Chris Leveille), Matilda's mother shows up, a tale of talking frogs, tattoos, and a man "literally bursting with semen" unravels. Featuring: Flashbacks!
  • Chris Leveille And Bratty McDowel Dec 11 2015
    The SS. Miles Davis sunk with the crew, and lighthouse keeper Rory McAllister (Chris Leveille) suspects another ship of sabotage. He tells us of his lighthouse (tent), childhood (in a Canadian Tire), and wife (the Devil). Then Bratty McDowel (star of a 90's rake commercial) stops by, as does other Rory, Louise, Will, and Denzel Washington. And yes! You do get to hear them all talking to eachother! Safe House hits theatres this Wednesday.
  • 074: The Santa Clause – with Chris Leveille May 14 2015
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “The Santa Clause” featuring the hilarious Chris Leveille!

    Famous Quote: “I am Omega, Eater of worlds.”
  • 048: Problem Child – with Chris Levielle and Robert Hills Nov 24 2014
    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Problem Child”. Featuring Chris Levielle and Robert Ariss Hills from the hilarious and awesome improv duo DARCY AND BINGLEY!

    Check out Darcy and Bingley at https://www.facebook.com/darcyandbingley

    Famous Quote: “I’m Gilbert Gottfried!”