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  • Dec 06 2019

    Hugged by the Snow w/ Chris Locke | Fckgirls Episode 65

    Hey! This week we are joined by everyone’s favourite Chris Locke! We talk about fasting and eating and eating slow and eating fast! 
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  • Jun 27 2019

    A Medieval Peasant Helps Andy

    Rollie takes Andy and Everardo to the past to help Andy reconcile his anger over the final season of Game of Thrones. A shit-shoveller shows them how much worse things really were.
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  • Jan 04 2019

    Chris Locke And Tortuga

    In a butcher shop in the meat zone of an orphanage, a body is found in the walk in freezer. Rob Zombmeat (Chris Locke), butcher, tries to understand what happened to the town vigilante.
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  • Jun 22 2017

    LIVE! With Chris Locke And Nicole Passmore

    Live, from the historic Cameron House, a body is found in a swimming pool. The body belongs to Flinst Bernstrom, and the pool is an ocean, at a hotel for freaks run by Craig Alliance (Chris Locke), which is in...
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  • Sep 09 2016

    Chris Locke And Fred

    TBH, garbage collector Plug (Chris Locke) found a body in a trash can, and turned to the boys for help. He talks about his issues with his father (chickpea magnate Chog), his unrealized tennis career, and his cool housemate college...
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