Appeared on

  • 2 – Cringe Jul 02 2018
    Lindsay and her guests recount some embarrassing memories that are truly cringe-inducing. Guests include: Scott Vrooman, Dan Galea, Jenna Warriner, Veronika Slowikowska, Chris Sandiford, and Sam Mullins.
  • Chris Sandiford And Sierra Mist Oct 27 2017
    A scientist is found is his lab after a late night, dead and downsized. The boys recruit the help of renowned astrophysicist, and Stephen King consultant, Neil deGrasse Tyson (Chris Sandiford). He explains the properties of shrinking, as well as the various kinds of mists - the sneakiest of which being Sierra, who later wafts in Watchmen style (in the worst way). Featuring maybe a real life car crash!