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Cody Crain is an actor/writer/comedian mostly known for auditioning and not getting the part. He is a graduate of Vancouver Film School and has performed all across Canada. I guess he helps make movies sometimes and was on set for the critically acclaimed and blockbuster smash hit movie Pixels.

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    Feb 24 2020

    73 – Materialize Anything

    In this episode, we are joined by Cody Crain and Belinda Corpuz to discuss the wish "I wish I could materialize anything." The discussion that follows covers going to the bathroom, personalized stationary, and Cats on Blu-ray.
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  • Jan 13 2020

    67 – Perfect Greeting

    In this episode, we are joined by Cody Crain and Belinda Corpuz to discuss a wish about not messing up handshakes. The discussion that follows covers misheard names, hugs from behind, and kissing your family right on the mouth.
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  • Apr 18 2019

    Episode 21 – Evil Dead 2013

    THIS ONE WORKS - The Spooked! boys stop by and we watch a remake that is fun and gory and we wince and scream through the whole movie. This is a fun one. Horror is fun. Vite talks about NYLON...
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  • Apr 17 2019

    Episode 21 – Evil Dead 2013

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  • Mar 14 2019

    Episode 43: Reconnecting with Meditation with Cody Crain

    On episode 43 of the Ego Podcast, Actor and Comedian Cody Crain joins us to discuss his journey with meditation and mindfulness and how these practices have helped him achieve balance as an artist.
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  • Jul 30 2018

    09 – Library With Any Book

    In this episode, we are joined by Mike Mongiardi and Cody Crain to discuss the wish "I wish I had a library with any book in it." The discussion that follows covers running a small business, the film Jumper starring...
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  • Jun 29 2018

    Cody Crain

    It's Episode 136, and fellow Sonar Network podcaster Cody Crain is welcomed into the studio. Listen along to this silly episode, as Erin and Cody talk about Fleshlights, ghosting, and navigating the asexual spectrum.
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  • Jun 25 2018

    04 – Any Food I Want

    In this episode, we are joined by Cody Crain and Micheal Mongiardi to discuss the wish "I want any food I want, when I want, where I want it." and our discussion takes us to food pills, cold steak, and...
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  • Aug 18 2017

    Cody Crain, Colin Morey, And Harold Fitzgerald

    Greg Fitzgerald and LeeRoy Hutchinson (Cody Crain and Colin Morey, of the Spooked Podcast), used car salesman from Winnipeg, discovered a body in one of their vehicles. They discuss how high up in the stack of cars it was, and...
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  • May 03 2017

    141: Spooked Crossover – Tusk – with Michael Mongiardi

    The guys from the SPOOKED podcast take over THAT’S HOW I REMEMBER IT. Listen to them improvise the Kevin Smioth movie TUSK in the Nice Guy’s format. With special guest Michael Mongiardi!
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  • Oct 13 2016

    125: Spice World – with Cody Crain

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Spice World” Featuring the hilarious Cody Crain from the “Spooked” Podcast! Thanks to Madison VW for donating for this movie suggestion! Famous Quote: “Hello magic butterfly.”
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