David Hayter is a Canadian-American voice and screen actor and screenwriter. He is well known as the English voice actor for Solid Snake and Naked Snake throughout many titles in the Metal Gear video game series. His works as a screenwriter include X-MenX2and Watchmen.

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  • 169: The Hunt for Red October – with David Hayter Dec 03 2017
    David Hayter is the voice of Solid Snake, he wrote X-Men, X2, and the Watchmen movie, and for some reason he's slumming it with us this week! Come listen to this week's episode as we interview the great Canadian writer, actor, director, voice actor, and icon, David Hayter, and improvise the movie of his choice, The Hunt for Red October. It's a fun one! Also, David is in a hilarious new webseries called "Fare Trade", check it out at www.bunzlife.com.