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  • Dionna Griffin-Irons Nov 02 2016
    So lucky to have a chat with Dionna Griffin-Irons during a short trip to Toronto. If you haven't heard her story, settle in for a fascinating talk with the current Director of Diversity and Inclusion at The Second City Chicago. Also, find out why we were in a shower together! #YasKweenTo
  • Diversity in Comedy Dec 01 2015
    The Backline follows the Bob Curry Fellowship from it's announcement in 2014 to what's it like for fellows in the improv community after completion of the program. Also interviewed are both newbie and veteran improvisers who share their stories and how it relates to diversity. With Preeti Torul, Nelu Handa, Mitch LeBlanc, Kevin Vidal, Kris Bowman, and Second City Director of Outreach and Diversity, Dionna Griffin-Irons.