Erin Pim is a published author, writer, presenter and public speaker in the field of sex and sexuality.  She is a burlesque performer, adult sales associate, and the host and producer of the wildly successful The Bed Post, Toronto's Only Sex & Sexuality Variety Show. She uses her in-depth experience in educating and entertaining in the field of sex to host The Bed Post Podcast. Guests include sex educators, sex workers, comedians, as well as everyday people whose experiences with sex and sexuality are equally interesting, informative, and hilarious.

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  • Ep. 118 – Erin Pim Jan 16 2018
    The Spooky Uppercase Cody bazingas his way into the story, Colin is the J nobody wants, Damien is gonna nail you above the door, and Erin is a sexually awakened U. We learn all about letters today, so grab your letter R and your number 7 and get ready to get Spooked!
  • Erin Pim And 5 Aug 25 2017
    Tammy Faye Baker (Erin Pim), now a woman, finds a man dead in a bathroom during her coming out ball. They discuss what exactly a coming out ball is, all her presents, and the corpses' white, scary head. Number 5 - Kurt Arse - drops in, and some pretty shocking revelations and texts are made.
  • 116: A Few Good Men – with Erin Pim May 12 2016
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “A Few Good Men”
    Featuring the AMAZING Erin Pim!
    Famous Quote: "Kevin Bacon Shake. And shake and shake and bake."