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  • Fatima Mechtab Apr 27 2018
    It's Episode 127, and Fatima Mechtab from Oasis Aqualounge is here! If you're interested in attending a sex club for the first time, this is the episode for you. Listen along as these sex positive gals talk about the joy of being nude, what to discuss with your partner before attending a sex club, and shooting ethical porn.
  • Fatima Mechtab Nov 10 2017
    It's Episode 103, and The Bed Post Podcast is sexcited to welcome back Fatima from Oasis Aqualounge! Listen in as Fatima gives tips for first timers making connections at a sex club, answers questions about finding the type of play you want at Oasis, and tells us about some great events cumming up, including Oasis Aqualounge's Seventh Anniversary Party.
  • Fatima Mechtab Jun 16 2017
    It's Episode 82, and The Bed Post Podcast welcomes Fatima Mechtab from Oasis Aqualounge. Listen in as Fatima takes some sex club newbie questions, tells us about the fantastic facility at Oasis, and lets us know about all the cool queer events happening for Pride this year.