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  • Episode 6: Live from Goa, India: Interview with Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Franziska Marty Dec 27 2017
    On episode six of the Ego Podcast I am joined by yoga and meditation instructor and ayurvedic science advocate, Franziska Marty. Franziska is originally from Switzerland and now making her home in India. This episode was recorded during my time studying at Kashish Yoga School in Goa and on it we discuss the benefits of meditation, spending time in nature, the details behind ayurvedic medicine and more. I really enjoyed recording this episode with Franziska and I'm excited for listeners to hear her story and the positive impact meditation has had on her. This episode was recorded at Kashish Yoga School in Goa, India. Sound editing was completed by Justin Ingraldi and Barry Taylor. Music by Nick Reynoldson.