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  • Shannon Lahaie, Gavin Pounds, And Brian Jun 29 2018
    Business as usual on the 150th Episode of Killed to Death, as hosts Shannon Lahaie and Gavin Pounds attempt to solve yet another crime. This time, a member of an online poker game is discovered dead, and his opponents Dust Crisis (Steve Cooke) and Full Dan (Griffin Toplitsky) attempt to sort through exactly went wrong.
  • The Wine Cellar Jun 26 2018
    Cool teens, Nick (Nemeroff) and Gavin (Pounds), are trapped in a wine cellar. It's the perfect opportunity for them to get drunk! But things change when a mysterious ledger tells Nick more about his father's business. Is it too late to put the cellar back together and find their way out? Can Gavin really regurgitate that much wine?
  • 184: Mystery Men – with Noemi Salamon and Gavin Pounds May 11 2018
    Remember the 90s movie Mystery Men? The superhero comedy years ahead of its time, in terms of fart jokes. Listen this week as the Nice Guys flawlessly recreate it along with their amazingly talented guests Noemi Salamon and Gavin Pounds!
  • Ep. 117 – Gavin Pounds Jan 08 2018
    The Spooky Dentist and Patient Damien just wants to make a ton o’ cash, Cody has too many patients, Colin needs a speech therapist, and Gavin wants some tasty teeth. We go to the doctor today, so grab an appointment and an old magazine and get ready to get Spooked!
  • 163: The Blob – with Gavin Pounds Oct 23 2017
    It’s the third week in Octo-BOO-er, and we’re doing a horror classic. The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “The Blob” featuring their special guest Gavin Pounds! Famous Quote: “Do you want to end up like me? A Merperson."
  • Gavin Pounds And Lil’ Pete Jun 30 2017
    The now abandoned Honest Ed's holds less than it used to - but has gained a body, hanging from the rafters. Trent Clench (Gavin Pounds), a former employee of Ed's, tries to offer insight into what could have caused this tragedy in his beloved store. Along with his friend and fellow snowbird Lil' Pete, fingers point from everyone to the Spooky Bunch in the rafters, to Braeden Mirvish and his band of skateboarders. Not all the hosts will make it to the end, and not just because of their food poisoning...
  • Anniversary Bonus Episode! May 01 2016
    With Laura Del Maschio, Gavin Pounds and Chris Leveille. Frank and Matilda Wormwood (Gavin Pounds and Laura Del Maschio) are Goldilocks and the Three Butts (yup), famed folk singing duo. But when they find someone dead at their concert, they turn to the boys on the 1 year anniversary of their first episode to figure it out. And when Lucille (Chris Leveille), Matilda's mother shows up, a tale of talking frogs, tattoos, and a man "literally bursting with semen" unravels. Featuring: Flashbacks!
  • Gavin Pounds And Danny The Human Sep 25 2015
    Greg McPherson was found barely alive in a tree and Winslow Ramirez, (Gavin Pounds) a forest ranger at Big Ol Park, has come by to help. Listen for 6 or 9 acres, and you'll learn that the council of elders is not what they seem - and a man named Danny stops by to confirm this. A human man.
  • Gavin Pounds And Jacob The Spike Manager May 01 2015
    In this first episode, the boys are joined by minigolf course owner Bucky Stitts (Gavin Pounds), to investigate a body found stuffed into the windmill of his course. Then, course employee Jacob stops by to help, even though he should be MANNING THE DOORS.