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  • Hayley Kellett Dec 11 2015
    Join host Erin Pim as she chats with comedienne Hayley Kellett about sex education, rape, and multiple orgasms.
  • 068: The Princess Bride – with Hayley Kellett Apr 02 2015
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “The Princess Bride”. Featuring the hilarious Hailey Kellett!

    Famous Quote: “Daddy love him some Cognac!”
  • 022: Grease! – A MUSICAL! with Hayley Kelett Apr 30 2014
    A “Nice Guys” first! A MUSICAL! They flawlessly recreate “Grease!”. Featuring the hilarious Hayley Kellett!

    Special thanks to Damien for the donation that forced us to face our biggest fear … SINGING!

    Famous Quote: “Are you trying to hold in a song right now?”

    Spoiler Alert! It has often been said that a true love story can only be told through the magic of music. That holds true with this classic tale of star-crossed lovers who have a summer fling and think they’ll never see each other again. Unexpectedly they reunite in school the next year. But this isn’t jsut any school, its a school that had a music-related tragedy in the past, and singing has been banned. But even this prohibition of music cannot stop their love from culminating at the big school dance.