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  • Devon Henderson, Jackie Twomey, And Lint Spindleman Jul 20 2018
    In the last remaining Sears, a body is found under a clothes rack. Isabella St. Clair (Devon Henderson), and Chet Burley (Jackie Twomey) - Sears employee and ex-employee, respectively - dissect secret handshakes, Chet's band, and non-sexual energies.
  • 172: Miracle on 34th Street – with Jackie Twomey and Devon Henderson Dec 24 2017
    It's the third week of Decem-BEARD, and this week's movie is the most festive beard of all. A Santa Beard. We're doing “Miracle on 34th Street” featuring another incredible Duo "TwoSon". Which is made up of two incredible people, Jackie Twomey and Devon Henderson! Famous Quote: "He's Rugged, I'm Rough. He's strong, I'm tough"