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  • Episode 16: Interview with Jesse Buck Yoga, Meditation and Community Outreach Worker Mar 07 2018
    On episode 16 of the Ego Podcast, I am joined by yoga, meditation and community outreach worker, Jesse Buck. We chat about how Jesse uses yoga and meditation in his outreach programs and how he began using tibetan and crystal singing bowls as a way to heal himself and others. We also chat about meditation practices and how they shape the way we think and feel and Jesse shares some of his own process, outlining benefits he has experienced from meditating regularly. I really enjoyed this episode with Jesse and learned a lot from him during this interview. Enjoy! For more info about Jesse, you can visit his website at: jessebuck.ca or on social media @j_buckasana. This episode was recorded in Toronto and made possible by Comedy Records. Sound editing was completed by Barry Taylor and Justin Ingraldi. Music by Nick Reynoldson.