Appeared on

  • 4 – That Horrible Thing I Did Jul 16 2018
    Lindsay and her guests go to a dark and sometimes vulnerable place while confessing some of their most regrettable actions. Guests include: Josh Murray, Peter Stevens, Alex Plouffe, Charlie Gould, and Aaron Stern.
  • 162: Godzilla – with Josh Murray and Jorge Mijangos Oct 13 2017
    It's the second week in Octo-BOO-er, and we're really stretching the definition of horror on this one. The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate the movie "Godzilla" featuring their special guests Josh Murray and Jorge Mijangos! Famous Quote: "That long beard. I bet he hides dicks in there."
  • Josh Murray And Ray Sep 15 2017
    A murder mystery dinner is derailed by a murder, and Max Well (Josh Murray) is even more off-put about the whole thing. A simple guy, he'd rather be in the basement with the boys playing poker, selling guests his homemade beer. Boys like Ray, who drops in to touch some guns and talk some hockey. Together, they try to piece together what went so wrong - or perfectly to plan.
  • 037: Cool Runnings – with Josh Murray Aug 27 2014
    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Cool Runnings”. Featuring Josh Murray!

    Famous Quote: “The guy in the flying taxi said this was the closest bobsled.”
  • 010: Back to the Future – with Josh Murray Feb 14 2014
    The nice guys flawlessly recreate Back to the Future. Featuring Josh Murray.

    Spoiler Alert! Back to the Future is a classic tale of time travel and self-discovery. Marty McFly, a tortured teenager and his scientist friend get mixed up with the wrong shawarma salesmen, and end up traveling back to the 1950s. But what they didn’t realize was that changing the past can have consequences in the future. Dire consequences. They end up back in an alternate version of 2002, and are forced to fight a group of nomad mutants and their nomad king.