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  • Lea Lawrynowiz Jul 13 2018
    This week, Erin invites phone sex operator Lea Lawrynowicz back into the studio. Listen along as these dirty birdies talk about regimented blowjobs, why men are into humiliation, and what Lea does when she cannot understand a caller's accent.
  • Lea Lawrynowicz Mar 03 2017
    You know when the lightest topic touched on is hardcore anal sex, then you're in for a doozy. Join in for Episode 67 with Erin's favourite recurring guest Lea Lawrynowicz, as they talk about some darker topics, such as sexual assault, miscarriage, and living with PCOS.
  • Lea Lawrynowicz Sep 16 2016
    Get ready to listen to the smooth, silky tones of phone sex operator Lea Lawrynowicz. The Bed Post Podcast is pleased to have this storyteller back to the mic for the second time, as she talks about an odd phone request, problems with the fetish scene, and the only time a client made her cry.
  • Lea Lawrynowicz Apr 08 2016
    For Episode 20, phone sex operator Lea Lawrynowicz graces the microphone. Join her and host Erin Pim as the two nymphos reveal tips on dirty talking, touching tales from the phone lines, and web cam girl meltdowns.