Appeared on

  • 144: Yes Man – with Lisa Gilroy May 15 2017
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Yes Man”
    Featuring the hilarious Lisa Gilroy!
    Famous Quote: “I’m glad we were able to teach them how to rap.”
  • Lisa Gilroy And Scarecrow The Garbageman May 13 2016
    Jasnine Cabernin Willowdean (Lisa Gilroy), former pageant queen turned farmer/pog collector, has found a body in one of her families' fields. Also her dad is Larry Bird, but they brush over that pretty quick.Then, creepy "reporter" Scarecrow the Garbageman shows up, and he's only got 2 questions. You're next!
  • 099: Jumanji – with Lisa Gilroy Nov 20 2015
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Jumanji”

    Featuring the amazing Lisa Gilroy!

    Famous Quote: “I want you to see.”