Maddox Campbell actor, writer, comedian, and producer based out of Toronto, originally from New Brunswick. He performs and produces live comedy throughout Toronto and has appeared in Independent films (Quitter), web series (Wheelhouse), as well as some commercials (Metric) and small parts on television (Man Seeking Woman). He is the creative director of Kicks and Giggles Entertainment which produces the live shows Perfect Match and The Resistance: Improvised as well as the podcasts Caverns and Comedians and Break A Wish. He hopes that this list of mild accomplishments has convinced you to like him and that you will be his friend now.

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  • Maddox Campbell And Passionate Tim Apr 07 2017
    A body, stuck in the air vents of a skyscraper, is discovered by repairman Hank Brody (Maddox Campbell). We learn about the company rivalries within the building, what not to do at Long & McQuade, and basic trigonometry. Then, Tim shows up from the party upstairs, and there's one fun thing about him!