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  • Episode 7: Interview with Comedian Marito Lopez Jan 02 2018
    On episode seven of the Ego Podcast, I am joined by the very talented comedian, rapper and meditation supporter, Marito Lopez. On this episode, we have a very candid discussion about the ego, the entertainment industry, God and Marito's positive experience with meditation. I really enjoyed recording this episode and learned a lot from this extremely wise and thoughtful person! For more information about Marito and his comedy you can follow him on social media @FmaritoL and @nochampagnpapi. For more information on Marito's rap comedy group Runnin' at the Mouth, you can find them online @ratmcomedy. This episode was recorded at the Laughing Vikings Studio in Toronto. Sound editing was completed by Justin Ingraldi and Barry Taylor. Music by Nick Reynoldson.
  • Ep. 24 Runnin’ At The Mouth Mar 14 2016
    The Spooky Bartender And Regular! Tonight on spooked! Cody jumps on the furniture, Damien orders a daiquiri, Nigel lives in a dick, Colin faces off with himself, Marito Lopez (Wit My Woes) blows his own dick off, and Jhanelle Dennis (#IRL) creeps in on the Scientology stuff. Plus, a special sneak peek at some future stuff from Marito and Jhanelle, you'd be nuts to miss this!