Appeared on

  • Matt McCready And Dick Van Dyke Oct 20 2017
    Nathaniel Greene (Matt McCready), former prisoner of the guardless, Mortal Kombat obsessed prison, recounts the tale of his former cellmate October Train. A heroic, almost undefeatable man of the people, they try to figure out what happened to him to make his spirit, lips, and chest toupee vanish.
  • Ep. 80 Matt McCready Apr 17 2017
    The Spooky Foster Parent and Teen Today on Spooked! Colin thinks those weird guys outside are cute, Damien hangs out in a pumpkin patch, Cody rolls up the outdoor carpet, Matt thinks magazines are books, and Simon can’t find his pills. We get all gussied up for the big ball tonight. So grab a date and get ready to get Spooked!
  • 139: The Wizard – with Matt McCready and Jorge Mijangos Mar 23 2017
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “The Wizard”
    Featuring the delicious Matt McCready and Jorge Mijangos!
    Famous Quote: “The Wizard!”
  • 136: Goldfinger – with Matt McCready and Jorge Mijangos Feb 13 2017
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Goldfinger”
    Featuring the delightful Matt McCready and Jorge Mijangos!
    Famous Quote: “Would you rather?”
  • Jess Bryson, Matt McCready, and Callum Wratten Feb 10 2017
    It's the Valentine's episode, and two world famous couples are gracing the mic of The Bed Post Podcast: Jess Bryson and Callum Wratten, as well as host Erin Pim's hubby, Matt McCready. Listen along as these goofballs talk about sex in long term relationships.
  • Matt McCready Jun 17 2016
    For host Erin Pim's birthday episode, her partner Matt McCready returns to the mic. This loosey goosey episode includes the couple doing shots of tequila and asking questions about their exes.
  • iTunes Special! With Matt McCready, Nick Nemeroff, Cordy, And Cordy Jun 10 2016
    This episode was legitimately recorded long before the passing of Muhammad Ali this week. Okay!? On this special iTunes launch episode, the boys delve into the violent murder of Muhammad Madonna, a siamese-twin boxer. They were scheduled to fight Jerry McClintock (Matt McCready), and he and his terrible, terrible promoter Smarmy Marvin (Nick Nemeroff)both try to piece together the literal puzzle of body pieces. Cordy, and Cordy, one or two other people, comes in to lend a hand too, and an ancient battle between Good and President Taft unravels. It's also subtly hinted that Jerry could be more than he seems.
  • Matt McCready And Voodoo Pete Feb 26 2016
    Gord Willing (Matt McCready), famed horse jockey, and 18 time triple crown winner, found his opponent dead at the start of the race. They discuss streetcar marriage, exploding horses, legs made of bees, and the eternal battle of math vs. voodoo. Defending the side of voodoo is Voodoo Pete, a man who can only talk in riddles, who the boys talk to over Skype. You might NEVER leave!
  • Matt McCready Feb 12 2016
    It's Bed Post's Valentine's Edition, with host Erin Pim's partner Matt McCready! Listen to this silly couple goof off, as they do a toy review of Empire Labs Clone-a-Willy kit, play a sexually themed Would You Rather, and attempt to match up answers in Bed Post's version of The Newlywed Game, which is appropriately coined, The F*cking Game.
  • 064: Beetlejuice – with Matt McCready Feb 26 2015
    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Beetlejuice”. Featuring Matt McCready!

    Famous Quote: “Allllllrrrrigghty then.”
  • 035: 4 Weddings and a Funeral – with Matt McCready Aug 08 2014
    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. Featuring Matt McCready!

    Famous Quote: “I fucked the hat to death!”