Appeared on

  • Matt Melnick And Bill Jan 22 2016
    Dolores Bin Laden (Matt Melnick), a woman with a lot of gland problems, has discovered a body in the aquarium where she works. She tries to work with Griffin and Steve to discover who may have done this, and brings her extensive knowledge of tunnels and severed heads with her. Bill, the owner of Bill’s Fishies Palace, drops by to try and unravel the mystery of which of his employees could have committed this crime (Stephanie? Fred Claus?), and try to get his mug business back on track.
  • Matt Melnick And Chazz Beats Jun 19 2015
    The victim - Mr. O’Connor, a Math Teacher at St. Christopher’s Secondary School. Sheldon Clifford (Matt Melnick) was one of his students, and a huge fan of arts and crafts. He has come with some theories and some valuable evidence that maybe should have been mentioned sooner. Chazz Beats from B 108 “The Noise” drops in ‘cause he’s been right next door making media, and we all wanna talk voluptuous. Rest in peace Mr. O’Connor.