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  • Miriam Drysdale And Mama Mimi Aug 03 2018
    At his booth at the local farmer's market, Randy Marian is found in his last dying moments by Astrid Greenbaum (Miriam Drysdale), a forbidden lover. Through discussion, song, and a series of flashbacks, they uncover what really happened at that fateful Innisfil On Route.
  • Miriam Drysdale And Stu Feb 10 2017
    A groom is found dead on the day of his wedding, and his bride Bernadette Altmann (Miriam Drysdale) makes the trip up from Grand Bend to figure it out. Even though they're all supposed to be working the hot dog tiki hut at the Grand Bend pre-Beach, Bernadette, Griffin, and massive fingered Stu Plumpton all vie for mayor, summon ghosts, and listen to metal songs.
  • Miriam Drysdale Jan 06 2017
    It's Episode 59, and The Bed Post Podcast welcomes actor Miriam Drysdale to the studio. This lovely episode features masturbation as stress relief, the problems with polyamory, and bad acting in porn.