Neema Nazeri

Neema Naz is a Comedian/Actor/Writer from Toronto. His cultural and observational jokes has helped him generate a viral following. He's performed in countries like Germany, Australia, USA and recently performed at the Laugh Factory in Las Vegas.

Appeared on

  • Jun 02 2020

    56 – Haters Gonna Hate w/ Neema Nazeri

    Neema Nazeri, Comedian/Creator and host of the Finding Neema Podcast, came on by and we talk about growing an audience, dealing with haters, touring the US as an opening act, the Epstein documentary, and the George Floyd killing & aftermath.
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  • Sep 17 2019

    21 – Going All In w/ Neema Nazeri

    Neema Nazeri, Comedian/Actor/Influencer, came on by and we talk about his recent experience as a guest on the coveted "up-north cottage trip", complete with charcuterie boards and wine moms.
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