Appeared on

  • The Study Jun 12 2018
    Terri (Nicole Passmore) and Sophie (Coko Galore) wake up and find themselves locked in the study room of Terri's family mansion, where they quickly unlock a dark family secret. Can Terri overcome her fear of death? Will Sophie ever achieve her dream of not being so poor all the time? And what Lil Jon song will give them strength?
  • Nicole Passmore And Grandpa Funk Feb 02 2018
    When the captain of the Maid of The Mist is found dead floating up to the beach, first mate Mr/Mrs Joan Crandall Wagnalls (Nicole Passmore) stops by to have a pleasant conversation with the boys, hoping to find some answers. Grandpa Funk, from the other side of the Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia empire, visits to talk local theatre.
  • Ep. 110 Nicole Passmore Nov 20 2017
    The Spooky Lawyer Office Today on Spooked! Colin has his mail stolen, Cody is under a gargoyle, Taylor likes it quite much, Daniel offers up some OJ, and Nicole listens to the doctor. It's a bleep booping good time with all kinds of robo creations, so grab your wrench and usb chargers and get ready to get Spooked!
  • 153: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist – with Nicole Passmore Aug 11 2017
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Nick and Nora’s infinite playlist” featuring the amazing Nicole Passmore!
    Famous Quote: “Look at this stuff … isn’t it neat?”
  • LIVE! With Chris Locke And Nicole Passmore Jun 22 2017
    Live, from the historic Cameron House, a body is found in a swimming pool. The body belongs to Flinst Bernstrom, and the pool is an ocean, at a hotel for freaks run by Craig Alliance (Chris Locke), which is in turn home to a cult operated by Hillary Flynn (Nicole Passmore), dedicated to Craig, even though Craig himself is infatuated with Hillary's late twin (also found dead). Such is the complex exploration that unravels, of how the relationships we make when we're young can reverberate for the rest of our lives, and how a tangled web of emotions can have such tragic consequences. Also, they talk about the poo stuck in Flinst's butt!
  • Nicole Passmore and Dark Darthness Jun 24 2016
    Isabelle Crumb (Nicole Passmore), stage actress, has found her costar Conrad dead on closing night of their Fiddler on the Roof tribute (music by Weird Al). She, along with fellow thespian Dark Darthness, discuss the murder, and Brie cheese, almost in equal amounts. Featuring the footsteps of Griffin and Steve’s roommates as “The Assistants”.