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  • 165: Three Men and a Baby – with Paul Aihoshi Nov 04 2017
    We're in the throws of mustache-vember, and we're doing ALL MUSTACHIOED ACTOR MOVIES this month! This week, The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate "3 Men and a Baby" featuring their special guest Paul Aihoshi!

    Please check out the Movember foundation. It's a great cause!

    Famous Quote: "Baby /bed-um Danson is going to take his place!"
  • Paul Aihoshi And Jojo Nov 25 2016
    A body is found in the confession booth at church, and Father Skipnully (Paul Aihoshi) is a little suspicious that there is more to this death than the normal mob assassinations that take place in cool church. In addition to the Grand Kingfather, Jojo the local janitor shows up, as does a Zoolander monster, and they all race against the clock to solve the crime as the church burns to the ground around them. Rock n Roll.