Rob Norman is an acclaimed screenwriter, director, actor and improviser. While on land he directs Second City’s Canadian National Touring Company, as well as the improvised revue Improv Allstars. His past directing credits include: Battleawesome Awesomestar, Second City Goes BOOM!, and the smash-hit Camp Schecky. Rob’s writing credits include The Beet Party(BBC Kids), Versus Valerie, Sexy Nerd Girl, Guidance (BiteTV), and The Nut Job starring Will Arnett (release 2014).

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  • Rob Norman And Daniel Sep 22 2017
    This week, the boys frustrate Richard Garfield (Rob Norman), as they try to solve the death of Richard Garfield. As he fights through the fog of trying to remember what happened to him, the boys discuss topography, Mama the dog, and how much Richard despises Griffin and Steve kissing through his body.
  • 148: Stephen King’s It – with Rob Norman Jul 06 2017
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Stephen King’s It” featuring the hilarious Rob Norman!
    Famous Quote: “A net fell out of my butt!”
  • Ep. 63 Adam Cawley and Rob Norman Dec 19 2016
    The Spooky Jewelers Today on Spooked! Daniel never shows anyone what’s beneath his coat, Cody is Toby, Damien has terrible flashbacks, Adam Cawley(Mantown, The Beaverton) shows up in a tutu, Rob Norman(The Backline podcast, Sunnyside) takes us to the beginning of time, and Kjartan solves almost every situation they’ve been in. We learn about the past today so get those thinking caps on and prepare to learn! And get Spooked!
  • 094: Lethal Weapon 3 – with Rob Norman & Adam Cawley Oct 16 2015
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Lethal Weapon 3”, LIVE from the Ossington in Toronto.

    Featuring the hilarious Rob Norman and Adam Cawley!

    Famous Quote: “Let’s go into the bomb.”