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  • Oct 01 2019

    My Gorgeous Son – Live at JFL42

    Rollie gets Andy a slot at JFL42 and connects him with industry insiders like a volunteer from the fest, a headlining comedian, and a positive rapper.
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  • May 28 2019

    Scam Artists Roger Bainbridge and Adam Niebergall

    In a groundbreaking and hard-hitting interview, James and Michael talk with Roger Bainbridge and Adam Niebergall, two of Canada’s most dangerous scam artists.
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  • May 23 2019

    Episode 25 – Ravenous

    Roger Bainbridge is our guest and shows us his favourite movie. This movie isn't highly watched but it rules. Honestly I cut out some funny stuff that are spoilers just so you might go watch it. Go watch it. Vite...
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  • Mar 15 2019

    Roger Bainbridge And Porter Potts

    Famous novelist Marcus Cope (Roger Bainbridge), discovers the corpse of his assistant Uncle Samantha, folded in half at the end of his driveway. Along with children's author Porter Potts, they chat about sensory enhancement boxes, famous author friends and rivalries,...
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  • Apr 02 2018

    Theatre Artist Roger Bainbridge

    Our guest this week is tenant and accomplished theatre artist Roger Bainbridge, who opens up about the dog-eat-dog world of Canadian independent theatre and his plans to create the definitive Newfoundland 9/11 musical.
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