Shannon Lahaie is an actor in Toronto and a graduate of The Second City Conservatory Program. She has written and performed sketch in multiple festivals with her CCA nominated troupe, Dame Judy Dench, and most recently she co-created the 2017 Fringe hit, 32 Short Sketches About Bees, which went on to win Second City’s Outstanding New Comedy Award. When not performing improv or sketch, she can be found around the city running errands and talking quietly to herself.

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  • 06 – Travel Anywhere Jul 09 2018
    In this episode, we are joined Griffin Toplitsky and Shannon Lahaie to discuss the wish, "I want to be able to travel anywhere in the world instantly." The discussion that follows "big meetings" in the bathroom, managing a Walmart, and bead bracelets from acquaintances.
  • Shannon Lahaie, Gavin Pounds, And Brian Jun 29 2018
    Business as usual on the 150th Episode of Killed to Death, as hosts Shannon Lahaie and Gavin Pounds attempt to solve yet another crime. This time, a member of an online poker game is discovered dead, and his opponents Dust Crisis (Steve Cooke) and Full Dan (Griffin Toplitsky) attempt to sort through exactly went wrong.
  • 02 – Get A Mech Jun 11 2018
    In this episode, we are joined by Griffin Toplitsky and Shannon Lahaie to discuss the wish, "I want to Get a Mech" By episodes end, Shannon is obsessed with robot breasts, Griffin is a garbage man, and Maddox has taken over Canada.
  • Shannon Lahaie And Chomson Oct 06 2017
    Drug dealer Doug Dealer (Shannon Lahaie) discovers his client dead in their home, face down in a vat of marinara sauce, and home in ruins. He talks about his PowerPoint school in the rec centre, his teacup pig, and the hilarious wig-based antics of one of his students. Then Chomson, a real stickler for the rules, describes HIS experience that night - sitting in a car, eating his own vat of sauce.
  • Ep. 100.5 Spooktacular 2 Part 2 Sep 11 2017
    The Spooky 100(b) Today on Spooked! It's part two of our two year extravaganza. Packed full of some amazing past guest, we get not one but four spooky stories. So tune in for the celebration and get ready for year three, because it's gonna get Spooked!
  • Ep. 96 Shannon Lahaie Aug 07 2017
    The Spooky World Series Today on Spooked! Damien shines some balls, Colin slings some dogs, Cody won’t get out of the bushes, and Shannon doesn’t like living as a goat. We take you out to the ball game today, so grab some peanuts and your favourite foam finger and get ready to get Spooked!
  • 147: Death Becomes Her – with Shannon Lahaie Jun 26 2017
    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Death Becomes Her” featuring the hilarious Shannon Lahaie!
    Famous Quote: “Don’t make me vomit up all this milk.”
  • Shannon Lahaie Mar 17 2017
    This week, host Erin Pim has the pleasure of interviewing comedic performer Shannon Lahaie. Listen along as the gals talk about a wide variety of pee related topics, from confusing g-spot stim with having to pee, to getting peed on.
  • Ally Cabrera-Aragon, Shannon Lahaie, And Mum Jameson Sep 23 2016
    TSA Agents at Jameson Underwater Airport have found a man dead in line at the terminal, and are looking for answers. Opal (Shannon Lahaie) has been through 3 divorces, Geraldine (Ally Cabrera-Aragon)is endearing, and Mum Jameson is confused. Most of this episode is spent talking about scarecrows, and rightfully so.
  • Shannon Lahaie And Neill Blomkamp Mar 18 2016
    When a shirtless, masked teenager is found dead in a planetarium, scientist Veronica Moon (Shannon Lahaie) is brought in to figure out the culprit. Attention is finally given to the space knife wars, and a star with a very, very funny name. Astronaut Neill Blomkamp (not to be confused with the film director) talks about the training program run out of the planetarium, involving knives, trampolines, and classic zingers. Murder bad - Chrysler Good!
  • Shannon Lahaie And A Cartoon Of Brian O’Thornhill Oct 02 2015
    Nancy Billows (Shannon Lahaie) had a hot air balloon land in her backyard - and in it, the corpse of Chelsea Thornhill. Naturally, lots of talk of community theatre follows, as well as what a rude body Chelsea was. Brian O’Thornhill (not Thornhill, but still Chelsea’s dad, and also - a cartoon) stops by, and then they talk more community theatre. Bring your Twister spinner!