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  • Ep. 21 McGregor and Randall Feb 22 2016
    The Spooky Cows! On this week's Spooked! Cody does his best to remember what Russel Crowe sounds like, Damien finally runs away, Chelsea Jayn Bray tries to make herself seem more important...again, Colin embraces the adage, you are what you eat (cows,)and Tia McGregor decides to sing us a song. So sit down, get comfy, and get...SPOOKED!
  • Ep. 6 Tia McGregor Nov 02 2015
    The Spooky Taxi Driver and Passenger! In this week's episode Cody learns the dangers of getting into a stranger's car, Nigel gives some life advice to his son, Damien cries at work, and Tia McGregor goes digital. So don't call that cab, walk instead! That way you'll have more time to get Spooked!