Appeared on

  • Tim Blair Jul 06 2018
    Boy genius Mark Farrell (Tim Blair) finds a fellow student at his public school dead at the science fair. Asbestos, inventions, and Steve sticking around may be the key to unlocking the mystery.
  • Tim Blair And Cliff Edge Apr 28 2017
    On this Killed to Death with Griffinsteve and Rick, Strongman Cody Jones (Tim Blair), a not-bodybuilder-maybe-experiment, finds his (life) Coach crushed under a pile of weights. Suspects range from the Soylent Corporation to Cody's rival Cliff, and that's pretty much it. Then, Cliff stops by to be just a bit better, and teach Cody about torches. YEAH!
  • Tim Blair And Rorschach Jan 15 2016
    Happy new year! A boy is dead, and has been sewn to a goat! Petting zoo owner, and voluntary prison inmate Thumb Samson (Tim Blair) tries to make sense out of a senseless crime, but the difference between kids (children) and kids (goat) immediately sends the boys down a well of confusion. Rorschach, Watchman/Petting Zoo employee stops by, and together they figure out who is Shane, who is Shame, who is Sham, and who’s been eating who.