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  • Jun 12 2020

    Episode 150 – Our 1500th Episode

    Hi. This week, James and Michael celebrate their podcasting sesquicentennial. Then, it’s time for the debut of the exciting new segment “Things We’ve Learned From Doing 150 Podcast Episodes.”
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  • Mar 03 2020

    Cruise Ship Improvisers Tim Gilbert & Marty Topps!

    Our guests are the cruise ship comedians Tim Gilbert and Marty Topps, who join us to spill the beans on what it’s like to perform improv comedy on the high seas aboard a cruise ship.
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  • Jan 21 2020

    Ev’s Turn – Andy’s Sketch Partner Helps Ev

    When Rollie doesn't show up, it's Ev's Turn.
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  • Nov 26 2019

    Porno & Politics with Tim Gilbert

    This week, James and Michael are pleased to present the first episode of their new current events series Porno & Politics.
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  • Oct 29 2019

    A HALLOWEEN IN HELL with Tim Gilbert!

    This week, James and Michael throw a very unique Halloween party. Then it’s time for the debut of the exciting new segment, “Predictions of What An Independent Alberta Would Look Like.” Our guest is the Grim Reaper aka Death.
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  • Oct 01 2019

    My Gorgeous Son – Live at JFL42

    Rollie gets Andy a slot at JFL42 and connects him with industry insiders like a volunteer from the fest, a headlining comedian, and a positive rapper.
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  • Apr 30 2019

    Our Historic 100th Episode!

    It’s our historic 100th episode, recorded live on April 17, 2019 at The Ossington in Toronto, Canada! In honor of the special occasion, Michael and James were joined by fantastic guests Evany Rosen, Ennis Esmer and Tim Gilbert.
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  • Jan 14 2019

    Great Advice with Tim Gilbert

    Happy New Year. This week, James moves out and Michael becomes emotional. Then, it’s time for the return of fan favorite segment… Brain Farts! Our guest is Tim Gilbert who helps dole out fantastic advice to listeners.
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  • Dec 31 2018

    Classic Moments VOL. 1

    Happy holidays, everyone. This week you’re in luck because we’ve put together a highlight of the show’s finest moments!
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  • Mar 07 2018

    Live From a Swingers Resort in JAMAICA!!!

    Our guests this week are resort bus driver Jackie Pirico and legendary/deteriorating swinger, Steven Ball.
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  • Mar 13 2017

    A Chat With Toronto’s “Eviction King”

    Shaun Blundell, aka “The Eviction King” stops by to explain the tricks of his trade, discuss his relationships with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rob Ford and co-host a new, controversial show called “Landlord Chat.”
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  • Dec 23 2014

    Santa Claus

    It's a Christmas miracle! Can you believe it? Santa Claus is my guest for this holiday episode of Utopia To Me?!
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  • Aug 20 2014

    Tim Gilbert

    Hello! This is the very first Utopia To Me? Podcast and it was a ton of fun to make. Tim Gilbert is a fast rising stand up star here in Toronto, he's my personal favourite to watch live, and he's...
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