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  • Nov 11 2019

    21 – Hot Tempers

    Lindsay feels less terrible about her own fiery temper after listening to her guests talk about their past angry outbursts. Guests include: Eric Amber, Martin Dockery, Tricia Black, Natalie Metcalfe, and Ryan Irving.
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  • Aug 23 2019

    Episode 32 – Babe LIVE at JFL w/ She The People

    This is an extremely poorly recorded live episode in a shipping container at JFL
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  • Oct 16 2018

    The Car

    Tricia (Black) and Michelle (Hart) are returning home after a year away, but when they wake up under water, they suspect the car ride hasn't gone as planned. The two sisters try to work together under the stress and find...
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  • Dec 12 2016

    Ep. 62 Tricia Black

    The Spooky River Today on Spooked! Cody makes his son hate him (again), Damien just wants to get out of the river (bad swimmer), Colin has cable satellite (200+ channels), Tricia Black (Sunday Night Live, Songbuster) is an ambitiously (evil?)...
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