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Spilling Eve - A Killing Eve Podcast

Spilling Eve - A podcast.

1.06 Take Me To The Hole with Julia Rowland

Sep 11 2018

This week Kristy and filmmaker Julia Rowland (CFC) discuss the fifth episode of Killing Eve, Take Me To The Hole while enjoying a fresh Ontario riesling. They recap the episode, answer eve-mail about the show’s fascination with “older” women objects of desire, and discuss Carolyn and Konstantin’s alternative reality in a Norah Ephron movie, what kind of wine Eve and Villanelle are, and whether or not Villanelle is ballet trained.

Also- remember to go here to vote for Kristy’s short film “Felt Like Me” to send her to the International Emmys! 

IMDB Synopsis: Nadia is in a Russian prison, and Villanelle, Eve, and Konstantin need to get to her for different reasons. Eve starts wondering if there’s more to working for Carolyn than she anticipated at first.

Spilling Eve - A Killing Eve Podcast

1.06 Take Me To The Hole with Julia Rowland

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