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The improvised scary story podcast, where it's never scary and it's sometimes a story.
Nov 05 2018

Ep. 160 – Cameron Wyllie

Explicit Content
The Spooky Monastery Today on Spooked! Damien wants to know if you boys want some ice cold lemonade, Cody can’t...


  • Cam Wyllie
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Oct 29 2018

Ep. 159 – Jessica Perkins

Explicit Content
The Spooky Jet Lag Today on Spooked! Cody gives a guy uppies, Colin takes Dave Matthews too seriously, Damien flushes...


  • Jess Perkins
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Oct 22 2018

Ep. 158 – Kyle Brownrigg

Explicit Content
The Spooky Baby and Pet Today on Spooked! Damien docks his butler's pay, Colin isn't a great lawyer, Cody has...


  • Kyle Brownrigg
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Top 3 Pods with Colin Morey

Colin Morey is the loveable host of "Spooked" as well as the resident goober of the Sonar Network. He's a simple man that prefers his corn dogs to be 2… Read More

The Celebration of Improv – Sonar LIVE show!

The Sonar Network will be doing a LIVE SHOW this week as part of the Celebration of Improv Festival! Come out this Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 at The Social Capital Theatre.… Read More

Ep. 100.5 – Spooktacular 3 Pt 2

Ep. 150 Spooktacular 3 Pt. 1

About Spooked!

Join Damien Doepping, Colin Morey, Kjartan Hewitt and Cody Crain every Monday for…. SPOOKED! The improvised scary story podcast, where it’s never scary and it’s sometimes a story.

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Category: Comedy
Rating: TV-MA
Type: Episodic
Frequency: Weekly