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Tarts and Craft

Let's talk about hex! A podcast where two lady comics ask questions about witchcraft, magic, and general occult fun.
Jul 17 2019

Episode 11: Part One of Two! Spell Casting

Explicit Content
Melanie and Rachel research how to cast a spell. Where!? When!? Why!? And under what circumstances!!?! Part One of Two.
Tarts and Craft

Episode 11: Part One of Two! Spell Casting

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About Tarts and Craft

Melanie Dahling and Rachel Manson, two lady comics and self-professed “Witchcraft Nerds”, aren’t witches or magic in any way. Actually, that they know of. Tune in to Tarts and Craft as they ask such questions as “why broomsticks?” and “what’s the deal with the moon?” Some episodes feature compelling interviews with real-life experts, while others feature a lot of Wikipedia research. A great podcast for occult dabblers, curious mortals, and anyone who follows #witchstuff on Instagram but isn’t quite sure why.

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