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Tarts and Craft

Let's talk about hex! A podcast where two lady comics ask questions about witchcraft, magic, and general occult fun.
Jun 05 2019

Episode 7: Why Does the Moon Matter?

Explicit Content
Rachel has been saying since the very beginning that there's something up with the moon. What is it, and what does it have to do with bunnies? Find out on this very special episode of Tarts and Craft.
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May 29 2019

Episode 6: Why Are Goats The Devil?

Explicit Content
Rachel and Melanie ask themselves and their viewers why goats are the devil and what they have to do with witchcraft. If they end up objectifying James McAvoy along the way- that's just goat gravy.
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May 22 2019

Episode 5: Tarot with Rizz!

Melanie and Rachel welcome their first guest! Let's have a chat with writer & tarot reader Rizz (@qveenofswordstarot) about tarot, moon magic, and what to do with all this tarot and moon magic.


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May 08 2019

Episode 3: Cauldrons & Cats!

Explicit Content
We're looking up the origins of witchy things, why are they witchy? Here come some cauldrons and black cats, brought to you by a late night google search.
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