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The Backline

Canadian Comedy Award winners Rob Norman and Adam Cawley discuss weekly improv-based topics based on a theme.
Nov 11 2018


We spend lots of time talking about what happens onstage. But sometimes scenes are won/lost before you even step onstage. Before your show there are warm-ups, research, intentions to be set, etc. This week Rob and Adam discuss every thing that happens before you even step onstage.
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Oct 31 2018

Be Affected

"Our only job as an improviser is to affect others, and be affected." We all know it to be true, yet over and over again, we get stuck in scenes where we're explaining our premises to our partner. This episode Rob and Adam discuss the need for real time, visceral connection in scenes and the value of dynamic.
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Oct 18 2018

Improv on TV

After an afternoon on set, Adam wonders about the future of improv on television. What changes when you record an improv show? Why isn't more improv on TV? If television networks don't want more improvised content, then is improv forever relagated to damp basements with sticky floors?
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Oct 11 2018


When you spend tons of time with the same people over and over again, you're bound to get frustrated with some of them. Where does all that frustration go? What if you hate your classmate, teammate, or even your coach? This week Rob and Adam delve deep into blame, exclusion, and keeping it all together.
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Oct 01 2018

Playing Yourself

This week Rob and Adam discuss what's it like to "play yourself" onstage. From grounded scenes to nuanced heightening to characters who talk just like you!
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Sep 22 2018

Reading the Room

This week Adam and Rob discuss our relationship with the audience, how to follow Blue acts, and what to do when our expectations don't match what the audience wants. Also oil lamps.
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Sep 05 2018


In this episode, Rob and Adam discuss casting and what does the "perfect" Harold team look like!
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Aug 15 2018

Loud, Proud, and Wrong

This week Adam and Rob discuss the importance of swagger, showmanship, and stagecraft in improv scenes. Whether you’re struggling controlling an audience or you’re stuck in a scene that’s gone terribly wrong, then this episode is for you.
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Aug 08 2018


This week Adam chats with Rob from Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss that terrible, awkward, weird feeling when you bomb. What do you say? How do you manage the feeling? What do you say to your friends. Also, updates on Rob’s tour through Latvia and Denmark.
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Aug 01 2018

Advanced GOTS

This week Rob and Adam revisit the Game of the Scene from Season One, and discuss how their views have evolved over the past four years. From pattern recongition to heightening, all is covered in this episode. If you’re new to GOTS, check out GOTS (ep. 14), Push/Pull (81), and Framing (ep. 118) before giving this episode a listen!
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