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The Backline

Canadian Comedy Award winners Rob Norman and Adam Cawley discuss weekly improv-based topics based on a theme.
Sep 11 2019

Making it Natural

Of course you want to learn technique and understand structure. But you don't want to make it look mechanical. You have take your "comedy math", internalize that work, and make it look easy. Also avoiding TIFF, Los Angeles living, and the end of Ontario Peach Season.
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Sep 05 2019

Social Media

To post or not to post? What does it mean for an improviser dealing with show promotion, self-congratulatory braggarts, and the constant cascade of never-ending tweets. How does it affect our careers? More importantly, what happens to our mental health?
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Aug 29 2019


After a month of touring, Rob and Adam have finally returned home. In this episode, they discuss Zapotec spiritual traditions, foreign legal advice, and also improv stuff. Mostly, how to direct your energy at your partner, avoid generic emotion, and engage with your partner on a visceral level.
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Aug 21 2019

Tour Essentials

This week Rob reflects upon his tour through Birmingham, London, and Copenhagen. Also Rob and Adam tally some essential supplies you'll need on touring different improv festivals and theatres.
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Aug 14 2019

Small Town

Adam Cawley is back! Rob Norman is back! This week they discuss how to keep your team motivated when you're the only competition in town and your team is losing motivation!
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Aug 07 2019

Connecting With Your Partner

This week Rob talks with Stuart Moses (host of the Improv London Podcast) from the Nursery Theatre Training Centre for a crossover event! In this episode, Rob and Stuart chat about connecting with your partner, emotional depth, and the roleplaying game Call of Cthulu.


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Jul 31 2019

Buzzed Out

This week Rob and Adam talk about what it feels like to "buzzed out" from an elimination-style improv show, and what to do if you feel like the audience doesn't like you.
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Jul 18 2019


This week, Rob and Adam discuss improv reviews, how criticisms benefit improv shows, and how much we should expect when a critic comes to see your show. Also migraines, reality television, and Now Magazine's See it or Skip It List.
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