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The Immigrant Section

The Unofficial Immigrant Experience Talk Show
Jul 27 2020

64 – How To CEO w/ Omer Jamal

Explicit Content
Omer Jamal and I chat about how COVID has changed work culture, the hardest part of running a company, Jeff Bezos' daily schedule, Elon Musk's crazy ambitions, the wisdom of billionaire Naval Ravikant, and what's holding back cryptocurrency.


The Immigrant Section

64 – How To CEO w/ Omer Jamal

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About The Immigrant Section

Being an immigrant is like wearing an away jersey at every home game. A weekly show where guests join Abbas Wahab, Sudanese-Canadian comedian, to share their foreign take through stories, tips, and talk of anything and everything. Whether you’re an immigrant, raised by one, or just enjoy watching cultures collide, this is the podcast for you.

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Category: Comedy - Comedy Interviews
Rating: TV-14
Type: Episodic
Frequency: Weekly